Promotion Team

If you are looking for a promotion team, then V-Essentials is the right place.

We have a database of representative hostesses, which can be activated quickly and at an attractive rate.

Our team is hospitable and very professional. Through the years V-Essentials has developed an expertise in selecting the best girls for congresses, exhibitions, meetings and numerous other events.

We have the ability to select our promotion team adapted to your profile or business, including language skills and special abilities. Following your requirements we make the perfect selection.

We distinguish ourselves from other agencies by working with experienced people who are able to think along with the client in order to achieve their goals.

“A good marketing campaign is the key to a successful event.”

For this we offer the following possibilities for both Belgium and The Netherlands:

  • Indoor promotion
    Providing day & evening businesses with flyers and posters
  • Outdoor promotion
    Pasting posters on poster columns and signs and the placement of poster signs itself (along public roads, busy crossroads, motorway exits, etc.)
  • Hand-in-Hand
    Give out flyers, gadgets,… at events, schools, cities or other locations tailored to your audience.
    Flyer teams can be used among others, picture taking, handing out flyers, recruiting members, selling services, carrying out special activities at events and handing out samples.
  • Hostess Service
    We offer hostesses or other personnel for various purposes, including:
    • Cash (entrance, vouchers,…)
    • VIP staff (reception, guidance,..)
    • Cloakroom
    • Exhibition stands
    • …


Our hosts and hostesses have a friendly attitude, are service-oriented and provide your guests with a warm welcome.

All of this happens with mutual agreement to make sure the client will not be surprised afterwards. “Proper arrangements lead to a successful event.”

We advise and support you in the lead-up and during execution of the assignment to keep you constantly informed. Afterwards you will receive a thorough evaluation of all results, photos and findings.

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