Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson – Percussion With Passion. Sam Anderson’s live playing excites and moves any crowd.

Samuel Van Opdenbosch, a.k.a. Sam Anderson, is a well-known name in the Belgian music industry, playing djembe, conga, bongo and other percussion instruments, live in top clubs such La Rocca, Noxx, Culture Club, Riva ( Megatemple ), Kokorico, Bozinni (Netherlands) and many more…

Sam’s live percussion sends crowds wild as he moves around the dance floor. As one club owner told him after a gig at a big club: “Sam, it was amazing. I have had some djembe players here already, but now I want only one, and that’s you. Thank you for giving that extra touch.”

The breakthrough came when Sam took part in a modest performance for a friend at a notorious club in Belgium. Requests for him to play again immediately came pouring in and he soon became a familiar face . Sam lays down dance rhythms with djembes, congas, bongos, timbales, darbouka, tamborim and digital drums.

A passion for polyrhythmic percussion began as a hobby when, at around 15, Sam heard djembe at a Techno party. He played with friends for fun but music is in his blood. Dad Paul is a well-known singer and Sam was tapping along to tunes at an early age.

Sam and his djembe have now played at many gigs, from private parties to major clubs, adding an extra dimension to a club night or special party occasion. Clubs also get great response by using video of Sam’s playing for publicity on web sites and social media.

Sam Anderson – percussion with passion.