From very early on, David was fascinated by electronic “symphonies”, especially Techno and Dance. With entrepreneurial zeal he spent his early years gathering all the elements he needed to put together his own music studio. Once this was achieved, he spent several years mixing disco tunes and perfecting his music production skills, hence the name he got: Elektrokid.

By the mid 1990s, Sony Records recognized Elektrokid’s amazing potential and decided to create the label K&S. During a 4-year period Elektrokid compiled and produced several successful tracks. In 1999 Elektrokid left Sony Records to join Mostiko. The evolution continued unabated. Along with the launch of Moyo Records, Elektrokid took a fresh start in dance music. No more big-budgetted, tailor-made compilations, but a distinctive personal imprint on each new track he produced. This shift in perception was reflected in the wide appreciation he received for his personal and unique touch. Elektrokid has emerged steadily as an accomplished and diverse DJ. His style is distinctive as he effortlessly joins electro, house and even progressive electronic music. His tracks have seduced a wide audience and Elektrokid is the forerunner of a new generation of musical artists worth seeing (or in this case: hearing) to fully appreciate this one-of-a-kind talent.

The Future

Eletrokid now joined forces with Versuz Essentials and with the official launch of “Deelabstudio”, his own production and mastering studio, Elektrokid is ready to deliver you his own mindblowing tracks, but also to assist other artists in turning their tunes into booming floorfillers, professionaly produced and mastered for the big league!

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